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New Report: Major Online Retailers Increase Email Marketing Trustworthiness and Follow Unsubscribe Best Practices

Today, the Internet Society’s Online Trust Alliance released its fifth annual Email Marketing & Unsubscribe Audit. OTA researchers analyzed the email marketing practices of 200 of North America’s top online retailers and, based on this analysis, offered prescriptive advice to help marketers provide consumers with choice and control over when and what messages they receive.

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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month = International IoT Security and Privacy Month

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and as part of our work with the Internet Society and Internet of Things (IoT) campaign, we think October also deserves another label… International IoT Security and Privacy Month. There are a number of significant activities and developments related to security and privacy.

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Announcing the Online Trust Audit & Honor Roll Methodology for 2018

Later this year, we’ll publish the 10th annual Online Trust Audit & Honor Roll, which promotes responsible online privacy and data security practices and recognizes leaders in the public and private sectors who have embraced them. This morning, we released the methodology we’ll use for this year’s audit.

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Nest Alert: Protection From Pwned* Passwords

A colleague just received an “Urgent Security Alert - Action Requested” email from Nest (see the image below). At first glance it looked like either a phishing attempt or one of the way-too-often breach notifications we all receive these days.

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Space Invaders - Consumer-Grade IoT in the Enterprise

I used to love the old Space Invaders arcade game - waves of enemy attackers came in faster and faster while you tried to defend your base. With experience you could learn their tactics and get pretty adept at stopping them. For today’s enterprise IT staff, consumer-grade IoT devices must certainly feel like those space invaders of old.

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The Cyber Incident Tsunami - Time to Get Ready

In advance of Data Privacy & Protection Day, we just released the Cyber Incident & Breach Trends Report (press release here), a look back at the cyber incident trends in 2017 and what can be done to address them.

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Will Uber Drive Us to Federal Breach Legislation ?

The past six months we have witnessed an un-paralleled level of questionable business practices resulting from data breaches.  As trusted brands, Uber as well as Equifax and others, who have been entrusted with significant amounts of personal data have failed the American public.  The breach missteps and follies only continue.  Each time most within the security and privacy communities have rolled our eyes in disbelieve.

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CAN-SPAM - Looking Ahead & Looking Global

This week OTA / the Internet Society joined nearly 90 individuals and organizations submitting comments in response to the US Federal Trade Commission call for comments in regard to the CANSPAM Act.  By most accounts, the interactive marketing industry and email community have demonstrated a commitment towards compliance and the overall user experience.  Based on OTA's own research businesses are u

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2017 Online Trust Audit Released - What Did We Learn?

Today we released the 9th annual Online Trust Audit and Honor Roll. This year’s Audit is our most comprehensive ever, assessing more than 1000 consumer-facing sites for their adoption of best practices in consumer/brand protection, site security and responsible privacy practices.

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