The Online Trust Alliance is an Internet Society (ISOC) initative.  Effective May 2017, all OTA members are members of ISOC and the Organization Member Advisory Council (OMAC).  The OMAC serves as an advisory body to ISOC senior management and board on matters affecting the general welfare and effectiveness of the global Internet and its users.  OTA and ISOC share a common vision and objectives including championing digital inclusiveness, innovation ,and the importance of transparency and responsible data security and privacy practices. The ISOC community includes more than 100 chapters, interest groups, and online collaboration opportunities. Membership includes opportunities to participate in existing OTA working groups and initiatives.

To learn more about how your company can become involved in the ISOC Organization Member Advisory Council, click here or email OTA@ISOC.org.

Below is a table that compares exisiting OTA member levels to the respective level at ISOC.*

Professional or
Individual or
Small Enterprise
InnovatorSmall Enterprise or
Academia & 
Charitable Non-Profits
Professional, Bronze or Silver
(discounted at 50%)
Trade OrganizationsBronze
Associate MemberBronze
Full MemberSilver
Global Member

Silver or Gold

* Specific company level mapping may vary based on 2017 dues paid.