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Recent Events

View information on recent events.  These events include those sponsored by OTA as well as other organizations.


Tue, Jun 27, 2017 08:00 EST
Tue, Jun 6, 2017 08:00 PST

The GDPR embeds a risk-based approach to privacy management and drives technological innovations in privacy management the TRUSTe 2017 Privacy Risk Summit will bring together the industry’s top thinkers, practitioners and solution providers to share emerging best practices and tools and models for success.

Mon, May 22, 2017 09:30 EST

Join OTA in Boston at this premiere event focused on IoT security.  Take advantage of over 230 breakouts offered in a variety of learning styles, including cutting-edge use cases, interactive Q&A’s, small working groups, tech-powered panels, product updates and more! Sessions range from introductory to advanced skill levels and provide the knowledge you need to advance your career, lower costs and risk, and out-innovate your competition.

Tue, May 16, 2017 13:00 PST

Join Kevin Haley, Director of Product Management for Symantec Security Technology and Response who will share insights and trends into the threat landscape including common vulnerabilities, ransomware trends and others including; 1) Subversion and Sabotage Attacks Emerge at the Forefront, 2) Nation States Chase the Big Scores, 3) Attackers Weaponize Commonly Used Software; Email Becomes the Weapon of Choice, 4) Caving in to Digital Extortion: Americans Most Likely to Pay Ransom Demands and 5) Cracks in the Cloud: The Next Frontier for Cyber Crime is Upon Us

Wed, May 10, 2017 13:00 EST

Despite multiple layers of protection and user awareness training, phishing, ransomware and other socially engineered attacks are still the top means of impactful threats across enterprises, according to SANS surveys. Why? Because these messages look benign and seem to come from known senders (such as business partners or insiders) or nonthreatening senders, they too often pass inspection and arrive in the inbox.

Wed, Apr 26, 2017 13:30 PST

Join OTA at the upcoming Intelligent Buildings & Digital Home Forum in Santa Clara California. 

Wed, Apr 19, 2017 09:00 PST

Attend this webinar hosted by OTA member Agari.  Learn what can we learn by interacting with the scammers behind Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks.  Attend this webinar and you will also learn -

  • Why BEC attacks bypass existing email security layers
  • Top 3 ways to spot identity deception (not as easy as you think)
  • How to prevent your business from being a victim to a targeted email attack


Fri, Mar 17, 2017 19:30 PST

Privacy. Security. Risk. (P.S.R.) is coming to San Diego October 17/18, bringing you the best of security and privacy in one brilliant conference.  Over three years, IAPP has developed PSR into the premiere venue for exploring the connection between information security and data privacy.  Deadline for submissions is March 17th.   Join OTA at this premier event!