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For OTA and Internet Society OMAC Members

Get involved and help shape the future of online trust! Complete the form by selecting your member company (organization).  Note you must use an email account with a domain associated with your organization, (For security and authentication purposes Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and other domains are not accepted).  After you submit this form and it is approved, you will receive an email confirmation. (Please allow 48 hours for your request to be approved). Your confirmation email will include a one-time link to set your password.  Once you log in, you will be able to easily sign up for the various OTA committees and working groups.

By default  you will receive OTA’s Members only weekly newsletter. This newsletter provides information on current trends and issues as well as access to opportunities for committee participation and webinars.  Please note the newsletter are confidential and not to be shared outside your organization. 

To realize the full benefits of OTA membership, members are encouraged to sign up and participate in any and all  OTA’s discussion lists/committees. Note these lsits are a members only private forum for the exchange of information btween members. "Chatham House Rule" applies.

For an overview of the working groups/committees visit, https://otalliance.org/committees.  Under each committee description click the link to join.  You also have access to Member Resources with working and released documents, https://otalliance.org/ota-member-home